Monthly:April 2020

Stories from Kolpa

Tour details Stories from Kolpa Energy points by the river Kolpa reveal their unique story. All the streams, too. Take time to listen to them and feel them. Maybe you will meet also Peter Klepec, the local hero. DETAILS OF THE TOUR! Kolpa is the bordering river between Slovenia and Croatia. There are different views of river in the upper or lower stream. So is the energy.  Discover the streams flowing into it, castle in the canjon area, the life […]

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Portfolio Kamchatka The dream about bears of Russian far east came to reality in 2019. I have spent 40 day among the bears and vulcanos. A lifetime experience. Combining work and pleasure. This time, I’m leaving for an area where there isn’t much forest left, even though there used to be some in the past. However, the Big Bang and an avalanche of volcanic dust and lava have all but erased the forest from the surface of the Earth. In […]

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