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About Us

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I believe it is a privilege and special blessing to find a life -partner to share passion with. Either in daily life of gardening, walking with our dog Luna, as well at professional work through photography and guiding.

We are happiest in the wild nature - listening to sound of wild forests and mountains tales.



Founder of ARS NATURAE. Photographer. Guide. Lecturer. Researcher. Writer.

Petra is a curious researcher by heart, also holding a PhD in Biomedical science but always very close to the heart of Nature. Curiosity and spending time in the Nature have shaped her way and helped her to explore the world around.

However, she decided to turn her hobby (photography and travels) into profession in 2015. Since then she works as a professional photographer, responsible nature guide, certified tourist and interpretive guide, writer for different magazines, and researcher through different projects.

She loves wild nordic lights, solitude in forest, as well the spirit of wilderness of her home - Kočevsko, the secret forest of Slovenia.

Photo of Petra: Leon Vidic/Delo


Forester by profession, photographer and local guide.

You will often meet Stane on trips with Petra, especially if you plan more than just daily trips, as well you might meet him on photo tours and workshops.

His passion for nature and forest is stunning,

Together with wife Petra they try to speak up for nature. Every year the publish together a calendar, which is an ode to protected nature and wildlife in Slovenia.

Stane occasionally works together with Petra on different photo stories.


Luna is our adopted dachshaund and good-will bringer. 🙂

We couldn't be happier to have her and explore forests also with her.

Always in attention to see who or what is around, most loving to kids and visitors, and has never enough of cuddling. Occasioanlly our photo assistant and guide :-).

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