Experience the wildniss above the city

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Experience the wildniss above the city

With the spicy touch of the romantic love of Friderik and Veronika, you will be discovering the most amazing natural wonders of Stojna, the hill above the city of Kočevje.

Explore with us!


The hill above Kočevje – Stojna offers a great experience – to see truely wild nature, including virgin forest, tracking large carnivores and seeing ice cave of world importance. When we add a great views to the town of Kočevje, this makes a great experience. 

Learn about wild and wildlife close to the urban life. 

what makes this trip so unique
  • accessible for families with kids
  • individual guests
  • private - small groups
  • gentle hiking with wildlife tracking
  • so close to town but feel like a true wildniss
  • beautiful photo spots
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Experience the wildniss above the ctiy
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