Following the bear tracks

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Following the bear tracks

Brown bears (Ursus arctos) are very charismatic animals. While walking through deep forest trying to find their presence, you will learn about bears and respect them even more.


Bear is probably the most charismatic animal, however it is very shy and normally avoid people and we seldom have a chance to see it. 

While walking in the forest and enjoying the wildniss of Kočevsko area, we will find their traces, footprints, scratches and you will learn about bears, about its life and about the imporatance of forest and other animals. 

As well, you will learn what is needed for a good – coexistence of large carnivore with local people and see the examples of bear-friendly co-existing. And how we – as humans must be responsible for longterm conservation and coexisting with bears and other large carnivore. With some luck we might find also evidence of activities of wolfs or lynx 

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This is usually a 2 to 3 hour trip with some light hiking included.

FULL DAY with bear-watching
from the hide

A whole day trip with multiple activities. You will be admiring the wildness of the Kočevsko forest, learn about co-existing with large carnivore, find tracks of bear's activity and with some luck also see a real bear from a safe bear-watching hide.


Spend your day at Kočevsko active. In the amazing forest searching for bear tracks and learning all about bears and other large carnivore.

About 8 hours long trip.

Following the bear tracks
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