The love for ceramics came unpredictable.
It was only in March 2023 that I hold a clay in my hand for the very first time.
However, since that moment, it has become a passion, irresistable desire to create.
The process is like meditation, time to stop, to just be - through the process of creation.
And with with inspiration through nature.

Autumn forest 2

The clay is incredible teacher - in trust, in learning to accept imperfections - in me, in my work, all around,
but also allows me to embrace the beauty of "wabi-sabi" and "ichi go - ichi - e" philosophy.
Something that nature has been reminding me again and again thourgh my work of guiding and photography.

The ceramic work presented here is made by my hands through different techniques of working with clay.

Each product carries my energy, my love and passion to create and is truely unique.

The work is available to buy or can be made to custum orders to meet your wishes and needs.

My body of clay is a mid - to high fire stoneware clay; either white, black or red, depending of the desired look.
The products are fired twice through a process of creation: first at 1050°C, second final with glaze on at 1230 - 1260°C.

Please allow me time to create, as working with clay is a very slow and patient process, and I only work in small batches.
Thank you!


Summer forest 2
The shades of green speak here. Sometimes deeper. Sometimes more silent. Shiny. But modest.
Colorful. Unique. A bit crazy. Just like mushrooms after the rain.
Our collections are handmade, and slow-crafted. This are trasures for peaceful and slow living.
Subtile textures and colours reminds us to slow down.
Be grateful. They remind us to find our connection to Nature again and celebrate the gratitude for the living world.

Somehow simple, yet complex. Organic and minimalistic.
Rustic yet contemporary.
Timeless and New.

For you and for me.

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