Hiking the Roška trail

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Hiking the Roška trail

There is 65 km of wild forest paths and their unique stories. You can join us for a day, two or three days and we will share with you stories and adventures of the wild Kočevski Rog.


Roška trail is a 65 km long hiking trail, which was designed by a forester Anton Prelesnik. He loved this forest so much that he created a trail to see most amazing places of the area and feel it. 

Getting to know the  Gottschee history, virgin forests, admiring the forest from stunning views and so much more. 

Every year there is a 1 day endurance hike, but on our trips we do not rush. We take time to observe nature and feel the magic. You will get the most of it if you join us on a three-day hike. But be prepare to walk for more than 20 km per day. 

Do not worry if you do not have enough time or physical condition, we can custum made it to you in a way you can still feel it wildniss and enjoy. Please share your ideas or wishes with us

What makes this tour so special
1 day trip

You will see the most scenic points while some gentle hiking

2 days tour

Hike the wild forest and spent the night in the forest (no wild camping, we stay the night at forest huts)

3 days tour

Amazing experience - hiking compleate 65 kms in 3 days, food and sleeping provided.

Hiking the Roška trail
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