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There is always a mystery about it; partly because of its history and partly due to restricted and closed area during the 2nd World War and later, but also due to the majesty of the vast forest and their wildlife. Bear, wolf, lynx – large carnivores, that stir our imaginations live here. But the live a hidden life, and rarely cross the paths with a human.

Although this region is often associated with bears, you will find plenty of beauty there, like bubbling streams that feed the outstanding river Kolpa, beautiful points of breath-taking cliffs and area rich of magnificent wild forests.

Do not be afraid, but allow your self to see wild. WITH US!
Kočevsko - the secret forest of Slovenia
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At the moment, we do not have any shedulded tours on specific dates. Each tour is individualy arrenged for you. And can be custumized to your wishes. We care about your experience, your shedule and your wishes. Let us know!  

All year along! It can be very special and unique in any season!

The Lynx has been one of the most endangered species in Slovenia. With your trip, you can make a huge difference, and help scientists understand the lynx situation better, gain new data and insight into the life and activity of lynxes. By staying and exploring with us you will contribute to buying a new collar to monitor the lynx movement.

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16th July 2020, rain is forecasted, but for the moment the weather looks fine. Petra leads us to the entrance of the Kocevski Rog 'Virgin forest'. It doesn't take long before we find bear prints in the mud. The kids are eager to look for more prints and soon they find the perfect footprint for making a plaster copy. We then follow the 'bear trail' path along the virgin forest. A memorable walk where Petra now and then points out in a comprehensible way how different nature can be if left untouched by humans and how animals live and survive around here. Petra clearly knows what she is talking about and has the rare ability to transfer her enthusiasm and dedication to the audience. A clear expert in the field, top guide and a top location to be engulfed by nature and (despite the rain), highly recommended ... This trip is the first thing the kids talk about to their friends back home.
Pieter, Hilde, Thor, Lore and Lien
The bird watching tour was an incredibly beautiful experience. Besides a wonderful hike, where we were lucky enough to even spot some bear tracks, the sighting of a white-tailed eagle was an absolute highlight of this tour. To be able to experience the nature and the biodiversity of this region within the framework of such a well-organized tour was simply amazing. In the end, we were able to observe at least 15 different bird species - some of them quite comfortably from a professional hide. This was definitely not our last tour with Petra and we are already looking forward to the next adventures together."
Summer 2019 Petra guided us alongside a virgin forrest over a bear trail. This was really exciting. Her stories about forests and animals (brown bears, wolves) opened our eyes in many ways. Her personal experience in Alaska, when she was stuck all by herself hanging over a canyon holding on to bushes with just her hands for 17 hours moved us deeply. Her inner strength, energy and wisdom radiates. Thank you, Petra!
Marnix van de Poll
The Netherlands
This is 1000 times much better than any televison!
Ela, 7 years old
The tour with you was one of the highlights! 😃 Thank you so much again. You did a great job! I hope that we see each other for another tour next year! 😃.
Ivo Haase
The post-conference travel you guided for us "Following the footprints of the bear" in 2018 remains a highlight for both me and Scott. We have wonderful memories that are lovely to revisit, plus a whole set of rather fabulous photos. I loved our company, I loved our destination and we especially loved being guided by you, with Stane in support. Everything was marvelous. I count myself a lucky person to have seen a European virgin forest and been with people that I hold in such great esteem and who inspire me.
Julia & Scott
Eric and I like to travel outside of Europe but Corona has kept us closer to home: Slovenia! During our preparation for the trip we read nice comments about Petra and her knowledge and love for nature. After a few emails back and forth we had set a date. Eric and I were looking forward to this day during our 4 week vacation. We wanted to see nature through Petra's eyes... and we did! Petra understood 100% what we were looking for this day. She has not only taught us knowledge but also really view, feel and experience nature with all your senses. After a great meal we pulled up to the hut to watch bears. We had to wait a while, but the spectacle we then saw was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We saw 3 different bears and how they behave towards each other. We wanted to see nature through her eyes, we saw nature through her eyes. Thanks Petra!!
Els & Eric
This was a brilliant trip and truly unique experience. It was easy to organise with the help of nature trips. All acomadation was perfect with the right balance of remoteness and comfort. But the best thing that took the trip to another level was our guide Petra. Her knowledge and understanding of the area and wildlife in it was truly exceptional. It was a pleasure to be in her company for three days and she honestly taught me so much. I recommend the trip to everyone!
united kingdom
Petra, thanks to you and Stane we had the perfect tour of the forest. You thought of everything to make it fascinating and enjoyable for all of us throughout, thinking of our needs, interests and comforts, and becoming a real friend to us. How many tour guides do that? Happy memories - it would be great to get back together one day.
united kingdom
I'd like to thank you for wonderful 3 days where you gave me the unique opportunity to explore Kocevsko, learn about all local wildlife and a way of life in this peaceful southern region of Slovenia. I very much enjoyed all beautiful views from mountain peaks, as well as hiking and forest bathing. I learned many new and surprising facts about bears, lynxes, eagles, wolves and all other beings who coexist with people in those breathtaking forests. Your experiential approach to sharing knowledge is truly refreshing and nicely interwoven into your offerings. I thought I knew something about forest bathing but having it done with you brought completely new perspective and understanding what it means and how it is experienced. Sealing it all off with reflective tea ceremony was such a gentle and heart warming closure to amazing 3 days. I also very much appreciated your responsiveness to my questions and timing everything with such a grace, as well as allowing me the possibility to visit local artisans and peaking into their works of arts and cuisine. And finally, I also thank you for all memorabilia and presents, all gifts are gratefully accepted and recipients honestly appreciated them all. If anyone plans to visit Kocevsko, whether solo, in couples, family or group of friends, I definitely encourage them to check out your portfolio of services. Everyone is in knowledgeable and safe "hands" and can rest assured they get premium services if they choose to book with you. I do hope we meet again.
I just completed a three day tour with master-guide, Petra Draskovic Pelc. She is the most knowledgable, switched-on and fun guide that I can imagine, and I have been a tour operator myself. The countryside was beautiful and full of animal sign - we did see wolf and bear prints in the mud - and we heard all sorts of owls and roe and red dear engaged in rutting behavior. The European virgin forest was fabulous. Petra went all out to make sure I and our party of four others had a top notch experience. This trip (more like a wilderness adventure) has my wholehearted recommendation.​
"First of all, the time we spend in the forest with you is my best moment of our week of vacation in Slovenia. I really like the way you bring things up, get our interests, share your scientific knowledge in a simple way. I like the way you put it for the kids also."​
Joan Claire
“The hiking tour with Petra on the edge of the virgin forest in Kočevski Rog was an unforgettable and unique experience for us. Her stories about the animals and the trees made time fly by in such a joyful and enjoyable way! I felt so close to nature and the beauty of the wilderness touched me deeply. The forest is pure magic and being able to spend time there with your loved ones and an experienced guide like Petra by your side is truly a gift.”
Our family joined Petra to track the bear. In fact, this was a birthday present to my son. I believe this is an exellent present, means much much more to a kid than any material stuff or toy, that would make him boring after some time. When a child can feel the wilderness of untouched forests, the excitement while fallowing the bear tracks or maybe even a chance to see a bear... This is a way how a child can feel respect towards nature, its forest and inhabitants. Well, a good ponit, next to that was also we spent time together as a family and this unforgettable day will stay with us forever. All in the company of Petra, who knows this wild and secret places.
Petra Roglič
We want to thank you for your profesional work. Places you have showed us enabled us to discover wild and amazing scenary of your beautiful country. It was our privilage to have you, who share so much of your passion and love for nature. You have opened our eyes for managing and co-existing of people with large carnivores - like bears and wolfs. For us, coming from region of France, where we have bears and so many doubts about co-exisiting, you have showed us, that this is possible. Thank you so much and looking forward to visit you again!

I am very proud to have completed the Rewilding Europe‘s Rewilding Training Tourism programme, which is focusedon developing and upskilling the guiding and hospitality segment of Europe’s nature tourism sector. Set up by Rewilding Europe, it aims to professionalise and scale up nature-based tourism in Europe. It is designed for guides, hospitality and tourism entrepreneurs, and other local partners in rewilding areas and enables them to act as ambassadors for rewilding. Providing comprehensive rewilding and tourism training, it incorporates Rewilding Europe’s best practices.

I am very proud to be a member of NATURE FIRST PHOTOGRAPHY ALLIANCE and also a SILVER PARTNER and actively promote NATURE FIRST principles and our commitment to responsible nature photography. It is very important to recognize our responsibility.

Protecting wild places and animals begins with prioritizing the well-being of nature above my photography. 

We should reflect on the possible impact of our actions, not only when taking photos but also what we do with them!and 

Interpreting our heritage is crucial for all of us. To understand the world around us, to appreciate it and to safe it. 

I feel very grateful to be part of this community.

Even more, my work on large carnivore interpretation has been recognised by Interpret Europe as one of the best leading examples in Europe!

We are proud BEAR FRIENDLY AMBASSADORS and actively promote bear conservation in the local area as well as good co-existing practice with large carnivore. In our tours we strive for being responsible and also educate about this our guests. We were awarded with BEAR FRIENDLY certificate in the framework of LIFE DINALP BEAR project. Our work (products and tours) were recognized as an example of good conservation and tourism practice. It is not only confirmation of our efforts but a huge responsibility for the future.

Check our code of conduct and our eco-tourism vision​
Our mission is to inspire people and our guests to connect with what really matters: the moment, nature, the wilderness, also culture herituge and traditions and yourself. Enjoying together and being outside, while we also care for the area where we walk and explore, make it an unforgettable experience.
We are very passionate when it comes Slovenia and especially to Kočevsko. By traveling in small butique groups, we encourage more interaction, which results in creating incredible friendships, feeling safe, and each can enjoy its own silence, too.

We stands for a fair distribution and we prefer to organize our trips in a way that makes them sustainable for future generations. We are committed to sustainability, community, to local experiences and justice and it gives us as guides and as travel developers the inspiration and motivation to design the most beautiful and unique trips and tours.
We enjoy a lot, when our travellers, our guests are our ambassadors and we appreciate it a lot when you share this. Thank you!
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