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Nature First photography interview - vacation mindset

Just before the vacation really starts, it is great to think about what impact our travels can have.
I am very happy to be included and share my knowledge and thoughts about photography and tourism in the interview by Kristel Schneider for Nature First Photography, the responsible photography movement, together with Aukje van Gerven from European Safari Company & Rewilding Europe and Simon Collier from Nature Tourism Development organization.

THE BIG PICTURE competition award

My photo “FROZEN” was awarded in the prestigious BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition organized by the California Academy of Sciences (USA). My photo is among seven best in the category “Art of nature”. It will be part of the exhibition at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco — one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Congratulations to other winning photographers! 


Sophie Yeo for The Guardian made an excellent story about recent Rewilding Tourism training, organised by Rewilding Europe and European Safari Company. in 2020 I took part and was really enjoying it very much. 

I feel very happy to be included in the story, as well my work.  


It is an honor to be interviewed by Rewilding Europe about my work and our collaboration. 

The story is called WALKING ON THE WILD SIDE and I really ecnourage you to check out this great story!

for you, your family, or your buisness

Eventhough I might be primarly a nature photographer, I do love searching for beauty in people and capture the eternity.  

You can join me in my small studio setup or we can discuss the opportunities for photographing in nature or in your company. Tell us your favourite location and lets create memories that last forever.  

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