ARS NATURAE is our way to express our love for nature, nature preserving and nature conservation.

My story

Following my passion, and showing deep respect to Nature and Human - this is my way.

I am curious researcher by heart, also holding a PhD in Biomedical science but always very close to the heart of Nature. Curiosity and spending time in the Nature has shaped my way and helped me to explore the world around me.

However, I decided to turn my hobby (photography and travels) into my profession in 2015. Since then I work as a professional photographer, responsible nature guide, certified tourist and interpretive guide, certified guide for forest therapy, and researcher through different projects.

A lot of my work is done through writing in different publications, live talks, and lectures or simply through guiding.

I love the serenity, solitude, and the light of wild natural places, as well the beauty of the untouched nature of my home - Kočevsko, the secret forest of Slovenia.

I invite you to join me live on tours or talks. As well, you can see some of my work here.

"When you look with open heart and curious eyes,
everything is a miracle."

Petra Draškovič Pelc, PhD

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