The magic of Kočevski Rog

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The magic of Kočevski Rog

Go deep into the forest of Kočevski Rog to see the beauty of giant trees, to follow the bear tracks, and to respect the voice of wilderness of the virgin forest.


Get to know the most scenic places in Kočevski Rog, admire wild nature, learn about the coexisiting with large carnivore. With some luck we might even see some of the activities of bears or wolf, as well other animas like red deer or owls.

We hike about 8 kms. It is not about breaking records how fast we can do this, but we go slowly, take time to enjoy the nature, learn about it, take photos, listen to nature and birds and feel the wild nature. 

You will feel it the best, when you can take a whole day to explore it. We can arrange lunch or dinner and prepare a full day adventure for you! Let us know!

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The magic of Kočevski Rog
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