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Professional photographer with deep care and love for nature, as well with the passion for writing.  Explore our passion and let us tell your story!



or you may even find a perfect FINE ART photo for your home.


Explore the wild beauties of my home SLOVENIA and the secret forest of KOČEVSKO, your adventurous destination in the heart of the Dinaric forest.

Make new experiences!

FEEL the touch of magnificent wild nature and enjoy the moment!

With our without your camera!


Do you enjoy chasing the light? Love photography? How about exploring new places, or maybe even learn some photography tips?

Workshops or guided photo trips!

Have FUN  in nature while doing photography.

Can be individual or in groups. Welcome!  


Our story of wild and untouched nature reflects in our products – handmade natural soaps of Eleonorina žajfa“, the world of nature in your hands.   

Made with love for you and me. 

Bringing a unique and gentle feeling of wilderness into your home. 

To inspire. To care.

Petra is a professional photographer, avid traveler, certified tourist and interpretive guide, curious researcher of nature and nature-lover, that howls with wolfs, wife, but she also holds a Ph.D. in biomedicine science.

She loves serenity, solitude, and light of wild natural places, as well the beauty of untouched nature of Kočevsko, the secret forest of Slovenia.

ARS NATURAE is a way to express her love for nature, nature preserving and nature conservation.

Come along and be inspired you, too.

OUR recent stories - highlights - our special moments

My portrait at SLOVENIAN MAGAZINE TV documentary/show

Short tv documentary about my photography and nature guiding was filmed by Meta Ornik with her national TV crew RTV Slovenija. You can check it here from 5:17 min on:

With the author of the book The wisdom of wolves through our wild forest

Elli H. Radinger is an incredible author, that ispires. Her recent book, about wolves was published in Slovene language by Mladinska knjgia. It is a must read for all who love loves and nature. I am very happy to had the opportunity to guide her through our wild forests of Kočevsko, which she was eagerly looking forward to.

Photo portrait of me at the television show NA LEPŠE

Marjana Grčman was hosting me at tv show about tourism: Na Lepše. The topic was Ladies in tourism as it was on tv at 8th March 2019. You can check how she pictured me (sorry – Slovenian only):

IN THE NAME OF NATURE: Podcast with Meta Ornik 

Meta Ornik hosted me in her podcast: IN THE NAME OF NATURE at  MMC RTV SLOVENIJA. We talked a lot about our forest, my photography and guiding.


Hiking in the beautiful wild Nature of Kočevsko
Beeing in nature is always inspiring and fun. Join us in our adventures through the magic forest of Kočevsko.
Our soap made to Finnland as unique promotional gift
We are delighted to share the news with you that our soap Eleonorina žajfa went to Finnland as a large package for promotional  present. Happy to share the beauty of our wild forest and our craft internationally!