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Looking for photos for your projects? You can look in our portfolio or talk to us – so we can create one for you. Or you may even want one of our photos as FINE ART PRINT to have on your wall at your home or office. Photographing: NATURE –  LANDSCAPES – PEOPLE – WEDDINGS –  EVENTS.

visual storytelling

We would love to cover and tell your story. It can be your wedding, your travel package or assignment to cover specific topic – nature conservation – field work – event.

Publications & magazines

So far Petra has created many different stories – articles for different magazines or other publications – either text and/or photos.  Petra loves stories about wildlife – nature – conservation – toursim and travel. Personal and/or scientific. 

Photo workshops

Do you enjoy chasing the light? Love photography? How about exploring new places, or maybe even learn some photography tips?

Workshops or guided photo trips! Have FUN  in nature while doing photography. Can be individual or in groups. Welcome!  

Big wall calendars

Since 2012 we are creating, designing and publishing big wall calendar. It is in Slovene and English language with beautiful photos of protected nature and my own inspirational – motivational texts.

Exhibitions & live talks

Presenting our work on a stage or big screens plays a crucial role in our approach towards communicating certain topics such as nature conservation or photo trips or large carnivore experience. 

We share our stories in schools, retirment homes, libraries or different events. 

Education & Trainings

Our expertise in sustainable tourism practise has been recognised and appreciated. We have helped to educate and train many tour guides, national park staff, give lectures and talks, especially on the field of responsible wildlife watching – large carnivore – nature photography. In Slovenia and worldwide.

Guided tours in slovenia and Kočevsko

Explore the wild beauties of my home SLOVENIA and the secret forest of KOČEVSKO, your adventurous destination in the heart of the Dinaric forest. Make new experiences! Make new friends! FEEL the touch of magnificent wild nature and enjoy the moment! 

With our without your camera! With us!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you see also some other opportunities.
Please share your ideas how can we collaborate or work together or help each other.
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